The foundation of Mohammed Bashir Mehandiwala Group, the Mehandiwala Mr. Mohammed Bashir alauddin Ajmeri made a most a modest begining in this trade nearly 125 years ago.Mohammed Bashir's Mehandiwala Growth as an enterprise is a result of our unique innovation techniques, where we understand customer requrement and fashion to the hilt.

Mohammed Bashir Mehandiwala at saifee Jubilee Street, Bohri Mohalla (Mumbai) is 127 years old established (i.e. 1880) & is one of the first retailers of Mehandi in Mumbai also proud to present itself as an international standard quality manufacture by the brand name AFRIN specializing in the manufacturing of Dulhan / Moghlai mehandi for hands & Legs, herbal mehandi, Shampoo base Mehandi with conditioner also ayurvedic mehandi for hair die. using raw Mehandi powder brought in from rajasthan.

Today Afrin Mehandi is being export to africa,gulf region, sriLanka. as our is a labour intensive industry we have a good potenial to increase our export due to the availability of labour, raw material & manpower, endowed with dexterity.

The manufacturer unity of Mohammed Bashir Mehandiwala is at saifee Jubilee street, Bohri Mohalla (Mumbai), with best Mechineries from india & Abroad backed by highly skilled work force.


an experience team of promoters & Professionals manages Mohammed Bashir Mehandiwala. each professional is responsible for the key functioning of manufacturing, Marketing & Finance. Mohammed bashir mehandiwala has lined up with innovative new products to be launched & promoted with their brand name AFRIN in the domestic & international Market.

Mohammed Bashir Mehandiwala aims to offer the domestic & international consumer the best international quality products maintaining the stringent quality check & ensuring high quality product consistently. Mohammed Bashir Mehandiwala aims to distribute their brand afrin with international quality products all over india & abroad through a systematic distribution network backed by valuable guidance of professional Managers & Consultants.

The company has a full fledges production unit which is equipped with machinery for research and development purposes. Our products are safe and trustworthy, due to a competent research and development cell, which supports all the products manufactured at the company. It was simply the super quality of all our Products, which resulted in fantastic mass response, and, encouraged us to diversifiy our range of Products, and, we have been able to capture a respectable market, in all parts of the Country. All this was possible because, we never compromised with the Quality, and, from the very beginning, we took the Policy Decision, to bring out only the super quality hygienic Products, and, never the sub-standard ones.

The vital aspect of all our Formulations is that they treat the root cause of the problem, rather than the problem itself. This ensures the permanent treatment of the problems. Our Reaserch and Development Wing is of very high standard. It has been able to develop a number of very high quality new Products, and, is helpful in keeping the quality of the Products at the best possible levels.

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