About Mohammed Bashir Mehandiwala

We’re the manifacturers of the best quality & organic herbal mehandi products in 11 countires since the 1880’s.

Started By The Great Mohammed Bashir

He founded this henna manufacturing business in the 1880’s and it got boosted up with the brand AFRIN by the grace of his grandosn Mohammed Bashir.

Afrin being in the Henna industry for more than a decade,

We are passionate about this industry and love helping others learn about it as well.

We believe that everyone should be able to adapt the art of Henna,

No matter their location or social class. We strive to provide high-quality henna products at an affordable price, and we hope you’ll consider giving us a try!

Manufacturing in India & Beyond

We are a company that manufactures henna in 11 international locations like UAE, Qatar, USA, UK Bahrain and Six other countries.

Our mission is to provide high-quality henna products to our customers while creating opportunities for our employees.